We read that Tumpak Sewu means “a thousand waterfalls” in the Javanese language, and it does the justice to its name due to the appearance of many different waterfalls in one single, semi-circular area.


It is sure to blow your mind away with the appearance of so many waterfalls at one place. The scenic trek to the bottom of the waterfall is indeed beautiful where you would cross streams and other waterfalls, giving you a taste of being inside a mini amazon jungle. Of course you will definitely end up with that insta perfect waterfall picture you have been always wanting.

Start of the Trek
All smiles at the start point of the trek


The trek to enter or exit is physically demanding and may take around four hours to complete. There is no well laid path and if you are going in the rainy season be ready to face leeches. The path is at times steep, slippery and muddy and you have to cross streams and other tiny waterfalls to get there.

But again all of that said, the beauty makes up for everything.

Mini Amazon jungle feels


We had to get to Tumpak Sewu from Bromo. Based on our research,  there is no public transportation to Tumpak Sewu. You could always book a private taxi and get there but that would be too expensive given the distance of about 100kms. So our final resort was to look for bike rentals. The only place closer to both Bromo & Tumpak Sewu where we found bike rentals available is Probolinggo. Hence we got there from Bromo and rented a bike from here at 150,000 IDR per day. We strongly recommend this place since the owner is very kind and even offered to store our heavy luggage till we got back.

The actual ride time is only 2 and half hours. But owing to us stopping on the way to take pictures throughout the scenic route, after about 4 hours we reached our homestay, which is just opposite to the entry point for the trek. It was late in the evening when we arrived.

Scenic routes that delayed our journey

Our plan is to do the trek early in the morning the next day.

( If you want to know where we stayed, take a look at the map in our previous post )



Tumpak sewu trek entrance – 20000IDR per person

Tumpak sewu waterfall entrance – 10000IDR per person

Goa tetus – 5000IDR per person


Comfortable clothes for getting wet and trekking. As mentioned before, you need to cross streams on the way.

Come ready for a wet day

Suitable shoes for muddy trail. We did the entire trek bare foot cause we felt we had better grip that way.

Make sure your cameras or mobile phones are water proof else carry appropriate cases to waterproof them.


Route Map

There are two trek routes one from Malang side and another one from Lumajang side, which is the one we did. While we thought the Lumajang side entry was tough, we heard that the other one from Malang is even tougher.


Though we read that we should take a guide along to do this trek, it is not needed and you can do it by yourself.

The entire trek easily takes about four hours to complete for an average person.

First up, you stop at a view point to get the panorama view of the waterfalls.

After this, you begin to trek down to the tip of the waterfalls.

The trek is very scenic. The tracks are not well laid and take caution while climbing down steeper paths and when crossing streams.

Almost there at the bottom

The bottom of the waterfall is very scenic. Though you cannot take a dip in the main waterfalls owing to the force of the water, you can take some amazing pictures here.

After this, you will have to trek towards a second waterfall which is Goa Tetes. You can take bath in this one if you want to.

Someone couldn’t resist taking a dip πŸ™‚

The uphill climb was indeed tiring but we made it out around 11:00 AM.

We quickly got ready since we need to be back at Probolinggo to return the bike and catch the 4:20PM train from there to Banyuwangi cause the next item in our itenirary was Mt.Ijen.

You can read about our Mt.Ijen trek here.

(PS If you reached the Probolinggo railway station early like us, check out Elmat coffee station. It offers free WiFi and good food to kill time till your train comes )

Jungle vibes

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